Gralats are the main currency in Graal. there used in almost all purchases and can be obtained
Gralat green

green Gralat

in six ways:
  1. grass tiles
  2. in-game purchases
  3. diving and trading loot
  4. hidden treasure chest
  5. Pirate quest
  6. Baddy kills

out of all of these the pirate quest and farming are the most popular. Farming can give you thousands of gralats if farmed properly and for a period of time.

Color and valueEdit

Gralats come in eight diffrent colors: green, blue, red, gold, purple, black, cyan, and


rainbow. each one of these color has a set value to them. green being the lowest value, rainbow being the highest. the value for each of these can be found at the Graal online bank but have also been listed below for your convenience.


Green= 1-4 gralats

Blue gralat

Blue= 5-29 gralats

Red gralat

Red= 30-99 gralats

Gold gralat

Gold= 100-499 gralats

Purple gralat

Purple= 500-999 gralats

Black gralat

Black= 1,000-2,499 gralats

Cyan gralat

Cyan= 2,500-9,999 gralats

Rainbow gralat

Rainbow= 10,000-infinite gralats

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